The Peach Blonde Bomber (Zachary Nixon Johnson, #0.5) John Zakour





The Peach Blonde Bomber (Zachary Nixon Johnson, #0.5)  by  John Zakour

The Peach Blonde Bomber (Zachary Nixon Johnson, #0.5) by John Zakour
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From the Authors WebsiteJohn Zakour is a humor/sf/fantasy writer with a Masters degree in Human Behavior and slowly plugging away at his Ph.D. He has written zillions (well, thousands) of gags for syndicated comics and comedians (including: Rugrats, Grimmy, Bound and Gagged, Dennis the Menace and Joan Rivers old TV show.) John also writes his own syndicated comic, Working Daze for United Media. John has been the regular cartoonist for and has sold cartoons or gags to hundreds of journals and magazines.

John is also a contributor to Nickelodeon magazine writing Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron comic books. Recently he has started writing Simpsons comics for Bongo.John’s first humorous SF mystery book, The Plutonium Blonde (DAW 2001, co-written with Larry Ganem and started of as an interactive web story for the Sci Fi channel) was named one of the top 30 SF books of 2001 by The Chronicle of Science Fiction who called it, “the funniest SF book of 2001”. His second novel, The Doomsday Brunette (DAW Feb 2004) has made the Locus best sellers list.

The third book in the series, The RadioActive Redhead, also made the SF best seller list.Besides his novels John has sold numerous short stories to anthologies and magazines. John has written the dialog and song lyrics for Frogwares Software computer game Around the World in 80 days. For something a bit different John writes skits for the Harlem Rockets basketball team.In the past, John has written and helped develop the first year and season of the comic book and animated series: Caramel Crew, for Mobtoons.

John also has written for the independent SF TV show, “Realm of the Mind”. John also helped develop an animated sf horror series, called Prime Squad for MUV Technologies in India. His romantic comedy, Skin Deep about an ordinary guy who can’t believe the hottest girl on campus is actually in love with him has won a couple of writing awards. John has also written for Ebru tv.John use to be a database programmer / web guru / science writer for NYSAES.When hes not writing or studying John likes to play softball, watch TV and hang out with his wife and son. He use to do judo and karate, but those have been replaced by tai chi and archery.

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